New beginnings…blog, love, life

Hello my darlings,

After a hiatus of nearly two years I am back to blogging. It is a new look, new name, new everything. For those of you who don’t know my blog used to be called Saudi Arabian Nights blog, (a lot of the pictures on older posts bear that watermark, I simply cannot go around changing it all so I have left it as is); was on blogger, and was focused on more Saudi related posts as I was living there.

In other news, I’ve also gotten married alh,  (who’d have thought this jaded cynic would fall in love) and done a lot of travelling. Exciting times!

In the future, besides my usual passions as a lipstick addict, foodie, shopaholic, budding interior design enthusiast, and wannabe writer.   I hope to include some  YouTube videos, although essentially, I am camera shy and do much better behind the safety of my laptop, churning out words as a means of escape, entertainment, and enjoyment. Yes, I’m crazy..DH is just beginning to discover that- too late hehe!

As a welcome back to my blog freebie I will be giving away a free printable …..drum roll…Misha’s Gratitude and Giving Journal, its still in the works..so let me know if you would like:

a) Weekly Journal

b) Monthly Journal

First blog post in two years done! Now let me reward myself with some tea and shortbread!