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Your Good Skin 28 Day Challenge Review


Dear Readers,

I tried a few products from the new YourGoodSkin range by Boots over 28 days in November through December. YourGoodSkin is a brand new skincare range developed by a team of leading dermatologists to restore your skin’s natural balance. Powered by a unique antioxidant complex of Green Tea and Vitamin C, it gently works to visibly improve the health of your skin in just 28 days of its natural cycle. A lot of the products have been co-created with feedback from normal women and I find that really exciting. The last time Boots introduced a brand was when Origins was launched so I was intrigued at what type of products they would be.

The products I tried out were:

Oil Lifting Make-Up Remover Wipes to cleanse,

Pore Minimising Tonic as a toner,

Balancing Skin Concentrate to moisturise, and as a serum.

I was away on holiday to Scotland, and wasn’t able to post the review immediately. So without further ado here we go.

Moisturizing Make-Up Remover Wipes
Before these wipes I was using micellar water to remove my makeup, and I am happy to report these do the job just as well, and a tad better as I felt that they removed all my makeup without being too drying or feeling overly chemical like some wipes. What I really like is that they are formulated without parabens & fragrance-free making them ideal for my sensitive combination skin.
Rating: 5/5
Repeat buy: Yes definitely.
Previously I was using rosewater as a toner, so I was a bit hesitant to change it up but I was motivated to use it for its pore minimising benefits. I have a few visible pores after years of oily skin and I’m always looking for a good pore minimiser. Alhough this is supposed to be fragrance free, I did feel a bit of fragrance for the first few minutes that I put it on..maybe its the witch hazel? I felt the benefits of green tea vitamin C and witch hazel may have been compromised by the alcohol content.  After 28 days I feel there is a slight difference in the appearance of my pores; I think  I may need to use it for a few months for a more clear effect. I did miss my rosewater, sometimes  I sprayed it on top. Going forward, I think I might use them both in combination.
Rating 4/5
Repeat buy: Not sure yet.
Balancing Skin Concentrate

I was really excited to try this restoring serum as I’d read quite a few positive reviews and it was meant to be suitable for all skin types! It is ‘designed to improve the 5 key signs of healthy looking skin; skin texture, skin tone evenness, radiance, moisture levels & oiliness’.

As soon as I used this my skin felt like as if it had been re-hydrated. Within two days  of using it twice a day it was feeling softer to touch. Honestly it was hard to believe that I could get these results so quickly. My facial skin tends to be rather rough in places, as I have to use very light moisturisers/scrubs because of my temperamental sensitive skin . I get serious envy when, y’know, do those air-kisses muah muah/hugs (as you do ala Asian/Arab) and you feel your friend’s softer than a baby’s bottom cheek on yours, and you wonder how is that even possible? Well, now I know how.

Alas my bliss wasn’t meant to last, after a few days during the first week I had bit of a breakout and became worried about continuing using the serum, in case I was allergic to it. I contacted the YourGoodSkin support forum (which I had joined as part of the challenge) and found it was common to break out during the first week as this adapt and purges the impurities from the deeper layers. I was relieved that I wasn’t the only and decided to persevere although I do admit I was nervous about breaking out more.

Thankfully, by the next week my skin was no longer sprouting pimples like a teenager. By week 3, my complexion was notably brighter and no longer dull, even my mom commented on it (she’s usually on my case because of my skin suggesting masks etc).  By the end of the challenge my skin texture had improved despite the biting winter weather we’d been having.

I love using this product as it absorbs in my skin easily and I actually use any extra product on my hand for a softening and smoothing effect. Due to my blemish prone combination sensitive skin  I tend to struggle with finding skin products suitable for me  but the Balancing Skin Concentrate is a keeper!

I just saw that that they have a money back guarantee try it for 28 days and if your skin doesn’t improve you can get your money back! That’s quite an offer so ladies I would definitely suggest you try it out for your softest smoothest skin ever.

Rating 4.5/5

Repeat buy: Yessssss!

This is a rich balm that instantly soothes dry skin & provides long lasting relief. My skin sometimes gets a bit dry around my mouth, eyes  and this is used to provide immediate relief for 12 hours using green tea extracts and vitamins C, and E and Japanese lily turf (sounds exotic). To be honest, I didn’t need to use this much, it did have a calming effect when I did. However, if you suffer from dry skin especially during the winter months this would definitely be worth trying out.
Rating : Not provided as I did not use it often enough
I will be looking to try out one their anti-blemish control products next.
Disclosure: I was sent these products to try out, however, my reviews are always honest and unbiased.
Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these products and how you found them!