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The top 3 Small Kitchen Appliances You Need in Your Life

Dear lovelies,

After a year and half of married life and cooking on a regular basis I decided to do a post on my 3 must-have kitchen appliances. Now if you live at home and have mummy cooking for you, or are a student who lives on takeaways and pot noodles and beans then you probably won’t understand the significance of this post. You can still benefit from the list of items to have when you are read to start ‘adulting’! Having the right tools can make you go from running around like a headless chicken and spending ages prepping/cooking to floating into your kitchen last minute like a Nigella Lawson or female Jamie Oliver. As a self-confessed lazy girl who’d rather be watching youtube videos than slaving in the kitchen here’s my list of secret gadgets that allow me more time living and less time cooking.

1. Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker

You may have seen this on my Instagram stories, it has made cooking a breeze, I’m not sure how people do without it. I’m super dependent on mine. From making perfect rice in a jiffy, to making excellent lentils (daals)/stews/soups/ qormas and yes, even yakhni pulaos; this is a multi- tasker worth every penny. It isn’t necessarily cheap, but I feel like its  many benefits  are  worth it:

It is super easy to use, with a touch pad and easy to slide-off lid. It is very quiet and doesn’t hiss away scarily making the house smell endlessly. It requires very little additional water which means you don’t have to waste time reducing it later. The new technology means that food cooks at a slightly lower pressure and hence might take a little longer but there’s very little danger of food burning, as it will switch off automatically. I will be posting some of my  favourite InstaPot recipes here on my blog (as much as for my own reference as yours) so that you can see it in action.

2. Kenwood Compact Multi-Food Processor (with a blender)

The Kenwood Multi Pro makes food prep fast, whether its chopping, slicing,  grating  (I grate a lot of cheese), blending soup, prepping coleslaw or a healthy smoothie, this is my go-to appliance. In fact, it is a hit with my entire family, my mum has got it at home and my bro and sis-in-law purchased it on my recommendation.  I like making my meals from scratch so this does save me time and energy on things like chopping up onions and slicing veg. It is easy to clean, I just pop it on the top shelf of the dishwasher and that’s it. I have the space saving model which allows me to store it on top of my counter top for daily usage.

3. Salter Kitchen Scales -As seen on GBBO

The Great British Bake Off has turned us all into inspired bakers, and one thing is for sure it is as much an art as a science. You need a trusty weighing machine to measure the yummy ingredients that go into  your cupcakes or other delightful concoctions. This is slim-line, easy to clean and digital perfect for the modern kitchen compact without any clunky bits.

These appliances make my life easier on a daily basis, so I hope they will simplify yours as well.

*I may make a teeny bit of commission if you do buy any products using the links in the article, which allows me to keep this blog running*