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About Misha Can Blog
Sit back, relax and with latest in beauty, fashion and lifestyle, written with the modest Muslim young women in mind.

Established in 2008 to provide its lovely readers with the latest lifestyle trends; working towards a more hotter, happier and  even more fabulous version of YOU. 

Whether it is the launch of a gorgeous new modest fashion brand,  a must-have beauty product, or the latest restaurant opening, Misha Can will fill you in on the what’s hot and what’s notall written with a dose of wit, feminine style, and humour unique to the blog. Think of it as chocolate..for the soul.

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About Misha

Misha is an expat kid with friends and family scattered across every continent she considers herself to be a citizen of the world. She is obsessed with cupcakes and writing.
As a self-confessed daydreamer of beautiful things (something that always got her into trouble at school) she loves beauty in all forms be it fashion, food, or a good story.

Misha started off as a finance professional and is now an educator by day and a blogger  by night.

She studied Accounting and Finance at LSE, then did her Masters in International Business Management in London, (dissertation  on Social Media Marketing 🙂   She coordinated and taught the Marketing and Management  courses at a higher education institute in the Middle East, and is now living in London.

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