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New beginnings…blog, love, life

Hello my darlings,

After a hiatus of nearly two years I am back to blogging. It is a new look, new name, new everything. For those of you who don’t know my blog used to be called Saudi Arabian Nights blog, (a lot of the pictures on older posts bear that watermark, I simply cannot go around changing it all so I have left it as is); was on blogger, and was focused on more Saudi related posts as I was living there.

In other news, I’ve also gotten married alh,  (who’d have thought this jaded cynic would fall in love) and done a lot of travelling. Exciting times!

In the future, besides my usual passions as a lipstick addict, foodie, shopaholic, budding interior design enthusiast, and wannabe writer.   I hope to include some  YouTube videos, although essentially, I am camera shy and do much better behind the safety of my laptop, churning out words as a means of escape, entertainment, and enjoyment. Yes, I’m crazy..DH is just beginning to discover that- too late hehe!

As a welcome back to my blog freebie I will be giving away a free printable …..drum roll…Misha’s Gratitude and Giving Journal, its still in the let me know if you would like:

a) Weekly Journal

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First blog post in two years done! Now let me reward myself with some tea and shortbread!




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ICONIC IFTAR Ramadan 2015

Dear Readers

I am excited to share with you some snips and snaps from the annual Ramadan Iftar event organised by ICONIC Middle East.

The venue, as usual was top notch: Sheraton Ballroom, located behind the Corniche Road, Jeddah.

I arrived early and had time to browse through the summer 2015 collection which is available in stores now, perfectly timed for your Eid or summer holiday shopping.

The ladies collection had gorgeous pieces from the resort chic collection with floaty dresses that could easily go from day to night with a statement necklace. The ICONIC Summer 15 collection showed influences from the 50s mid-century romance with primary colours such as red and yellow being used in embroidery, broad cuts and crochet detailing. A nod to the sixties was evident by the use ivory, green and black. Whereas the 70s shone through in eclectic prints and t-shirt designs.

Some of my favourite pieces are below:

Season mush have: Emerald green overlapping detail jumpsuit
Effortless chic printed sling backs
Add bling with leopard print mini dress

Super stylish Snake skin (faux) stilettos
Below you can see some items from the ICONIC Summer ’15 collection for men, concentrating on a monochrome pallete of basic black,white and grey.

The grand buffet had something to satisfy very palette, from the Middle Eastern mezze platter, to Lasagna to Beef Stroganoff.

Here’s the team that made it all happen.

Over all it was a wonderful event, can’t wait for ICONIC’s next collection!

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Breakfast at Le Concheur: A Review

Mouthwatering desserts at Le Concheur

Dear Foodies,

I was meeting up a friend for breakfast on a Saturday and I chose Le Concheur as the venue as I’d heard good things about it from the Jeddah Foodies group on Facebook.


Its located  unassumingly on Prince Sultan Street in Rawdah Dist, but the minute you walk in the bright airiness of the place takes your breath away.


Le Concheur has brought the famous Belgian chocolate to Jeddah!

There’s an array of scrumptious looking chocolates, pastries and fresh bread sitting in the display that is sure to make your mouth water, and your eyes dance at the prettiness of it all.

Le Concheur interior

We sat upstairs, the decor is very white, bright yet clean and polished at the same time so it doesn’t have the diner feel. My only complaint was that it was very chilly- North Pole cold, and I was dressed for Jeddah’s sunny climate so I was a completely frozen chicken by the time I left.

Gorgeous crunchy green salad

We ordered french fries (don’t ask I have random cravings), a gorgeous green garden salad  for my friend and beautifully light Belgian waffles topped with  fresh mixed berries and cream  dusted with a generous helping of powdered sugar for me.

Belgian waffles with  mixed berries

It deserves another picture it was that good !

The waffles were so light and airy,  almost delicate, you didn’t end up with  an overstuffed bloated feeling after eating them. A must try.

I also ended up indulging myself with a Caramel flavoured smoothie, while my friend had fresh juice.

Decadent Caramel Smoothie

This is the place to go to on your cheat day, you won’t regret it.

I look forward to trying out their other items on their breakfast menu soon inshallah.

Have you tried out Le Concheur yet, do let me know what you had.

Rating 4.5/5

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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub Review

Dear Beauties,

Hope you are are enjoying the cool weather. As the seasons change, I like to alter my skincare regimen accordingly. As you may know I suffer on and off from acne, pimples breakouts, zits whiteheads, blackheads, whatever you want to call it :-(..

I am forever looking for a cure for acne, and its no use treating the symptoms you actually have to look at the causes.

One of the causes of acne is stress, whether it is from school, exams, work, deadlines, family obligations and general day to day life stress can cause acne.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to

  • exercise,  
  • stop worrying and
  • finding sometime to unwind and relax on a daily basis.

In order to help us fight stress related acne, Neutrogena has come with a face wash called Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub.

I have been using this for a few months now and I can say it is the strength, light enough to be used daily and strong enough to make a noticeable difference.

Suitable for acne prone oily/combination, sensitive skin. I have combination skin which is crazy sensitive and this didn’t irritate it so I am super pleased!

What it claims to do:

The NEUTROGENA VISIBLY CLEAR® Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub contains microbeads to gently exfoliate skin whilst the powerful Microclear®technology unclogs pores allowing the formula to penetrate deep down and help clear spots. With green tea and cucumber it soothes the skin and it is gentle enough to use every day without drying the skin.


The green tea and cucumber combo smells great and has revitalising and relaxing effect. The skin tingles a bit so you can actually feel it working but it does not irritate. 
Skin feels squeaky clean and fresh
Daily usage will rid of black heads and white heads.


There aren’t really any cons. i just want to say it doesn’t completely rid you of your acne, but if the cause of your acne isn’t skincare/topical causes it is not the product’s fault. For example, if you have adult/teenage acne caused by hormonal changes/imbalances then it will not cure it- you will need to see a dermatologist for that.

Pro tip:

Apply it on your face before you brush teeth, and leave it on your face to do its magic while you brush your teeth you will feel your skin tingling,  rinse for super soft smooth skin. 


4.5 /5 It is one of the best face cleanser product I have tried in a while and for a very reasonable price.
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ICONIC SS15 Collection: Press Day at Park Hyatt Jeddah

Amazing views from the Sohba Ballroom at Park Hyatt, Jeddah

Dear Fashionistas,
Last Thursday I was invited to attend a private preview of ICONIC Spring Summer 2015 Collection at the Sohba Ballroom in Park Hyatt Jeddah. Read on as I reveal the great fashion finds the collection has in store for you..

Nautical theme- love the white embroidered dress with crochet lace

The theme was nautical featuring  stripes ans  key pieces in red, white  and blue. There were also sporty influences with many pieces featuring jersey material, numbers or a more playful cut. I could easily see myself lounging at a resort in one of their embroidered summer dresses with crochet lace detailing, as it has such  a light and airy feel to it.

Lemon yellow and sky blue were the rage

Emphasis was placed on simple elegant cuts, with carefully crafted detailing to add embellishment, I love this embroidered jacket as it can easily be used to dress up other more casual pieces in the collection.

Bite Me!

Edgy statement T-shirst like the ones above are the current trend, and I expect these will sell out fast.

Ice cream candy colours a nod to the 1960s

Cooling sorbet colours for summer in simple cuts rounded off the collection making it a sure-fire hit among the fashionistas on a budget, who are keen to emulate the colour and design en vogue in the fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and New York.

A jumpsuit for spring

Where would spring/summer be without flowers- the SS15 collection has very pretty feminine pieces in full bloom.

Statement necklaces, animal print accessories are here to stay for SS15.

ICONIC SS15 has animal prints handbags and shoes as seen on catwalks worldwide

Peach and mint green statement necklace- beautiful  colours for this season

I liked these pastel coloured line shirts as part of the men’s collection perfect for the Saudi Summer which seems set on making an early entry this year in Jeddah.

Pastel coloured linen shirt perfect for the boys in summer

Finally, a big thank you to the ICONIC team that made this fabulous fashion event possible.

From right to left: Sarfaraz, Rushdee, Ola, Rohit, Tushar, Aly, Abdul Mateen

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Blogged:ICONIC December Shopping Haul ( Jeddah Fashion Post)

Dear Readers,

I am excited to share with you the goodies I bought in my last shopping trip to ICONIC.

Although ICONIC has been in town a while I tend to have my go-to brands which I frequent all the time; After this shopping trip I have decided to add the ICONIC store to my favourite stores list.

So without further ado here are  my pics:

I have been looking for the perfect silky texture printed harem pants, ones that aren’t too casual so no jersey material or too bling, so no gold/silver animal print. At last I found the ONE I was looking for in ICONIC.

The geometric print is blend of red and navy blue over a neutral cream background not too busy or bland, it was just right. These roomy pants are  extremely comfortable to wear and yet give a dressed up look, can be worn to work, school, and while hanging out with friends.

I bought an oversize sleeveless sheer white top, to go with it-I loved the gold detailing on the collar, it added an edge to it, and I like the hi- lo cut, it has ample material in the back to cover your bum and maintain your modesty. There are fanned pleats in the back which add to the flowy nature of the top and give it a feminine silhouette.

I love the clink of metallic bangles perfect for accessorizing on the weekend.

Last but not least, these chunky duo knuckle  ring set has received numerous compliments since I got them! I simply can’t stop wearing them.

I hope you liked my  ICONIC shopping haul!

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Hate your smile? Can’t use whitening products due to sensitive teeth? Read on

Dear Readers,
Do you look at your pics on FB  and wonder if an Instagram filter can brighten your smile? Do you shy away from whitening products like strips or toothpastes because their harsh chemical will further weaken your enamel and make your sensitive teeth hurt?
My teeth are sensitive on and off, sometimes they are fine, but at others they get very sensitive and I start using Sensodyne again. Although I’d love to whiten my teeth using whitening strips I know my enamel is not strong, it would hurt too much, take a long time sitting there waiting or it to painfully lift the stains from my teeth and damage  my tooth enamel in the process.. 

I found out that I am not alone in my teeth troubles…

What the market research shows/ what you say?

  • 83% of people in Saudi Arabia have sensitiveteeth
o   Of which, it impacts 65% of people’s eating habits and diet (read avoiding ice cream or sweets or coffee till it cools  down a bit)
o   36% claim it impacts their happiness
o   24% say it impacts their lifestyle in general
  • Men are more likely to untagthemselves from a photograph on Facebook due to not liking how their teeth look
    •  79% of people in KSA are worried at some level about how their teeth look
    • Nearly 40% don’t smile or show their teeth when taking photographs

      • 66% of people would like whiterteeth and are actively looking for a solution
      • 60% of people feel guilty about not doing enough for their teeth

      • 55% of people worry about how abrasive whitening products can be on their teeth
      • Nearly 40% of people spend less than three minutes on their daily grooming routine
      •  64% of people want to have healthy white teeth to boost their confidence, whilst
      •  41% also cited the desire to look professional

         So I am very excited to finally have a solution to our teeth problems in Sensodyne’s newest and first whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth Sensodyne TRUE WHITE!

      Sensodyne True White Toothpaste
      Add caption

      What’s new?

      • First whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth endorsed by dentists
      • 10x less abrasive than many everyday whitening toothpastes
      • Breakthrough in whitening for sensitive teeth

      What it claims to do?

      • Sensitivity relief in an ultra-low abrasion formulation
      • Specialist whitening for sensitive teeth 
      • Clinically proven to be as gentle on dentine as brushing with water
      •  More than 10x less abrasive than most whitening toothpastes
      • With twice daily brushing, leaves aprotective shield to help prevent new stains forming
      • True innovation – sensitivity relief and whiter teeth, with ultra-low abrasion 


         What the experts say?

        Dr Aziz a reknowned dentist says:

        “In my opinion, this is the right choice for patients suffering from Sensitivity who also want to whiten their teeth.”
        برأيي، استخدام معجون الأسنان الحسّاسة ترو وايت أكثر لطفاً وأماناً للمرضى الذين يعانون من حساسية الأسنان وفي الوقت نفسه، يريدون تبييض أسنانهم.  


        For more information about Sensodyne True White be sure to check out the Sensodyne Youtube and Facebook page.

      *Sponsored Post*

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      Wondering where to eat next? Try Piatto: Pasta Pizza and Gelatto!

      Piatto fountain

      Dear Readers,

      *I’m a bit behind on my blogging so excuse the slightly dated content*

      During Eidul Adha my parents had a craving for good ol’ gnocchi( potato dumpling in sauce).
      So I asked my the Jeddah Foodies group on Facebook my go to source for all food related queries and I was told to try Piatto or Rossopomodorro. As I like the ambiance of Piatto and their asparagus and basil pasta more .. we headed to Piatto.

      If you are visiting the family section, I suggest sitting upstairs where the lighting is better and best of all you have can have seat next to the fountain. It wasn’t just me that was enchanted by the stone water feature with black and white square marble floor, all the children loved it and took great pains to avoid their parents  in order to reach it.

      The walls are beautifully painted with scenes from Italy, with colourful picturesque little cottages huddled on the lush green slopes like flowers in spring all overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean sea.

      My parents immediately spotted the three kinds of gnocchi and my Mu m opted for the gnocchi in 4 Cheese sauce  Quatro Fromaggi Gnocchi I think. I ordered  my favorite Pasta  Chicken with Pesto and Asparagus, and my Dad couldn’t resist the  Pepperoni Pizza. For drinks I we opted for fresh  Carrjuice, Kiwi smoothie and mint lemonade.   I suggested we skip many of the tempting
      anti-pasti as I wanted to make sure I had room for dessert..the Italian gelatto!

      While we waited the waiter brought us a complimentary basket of a variety of fresh bread and green salad with a delicious dressing I think it was some sort of cheese that gave it a such creamy yet light flavour.

      Creamy gnocchi

      The  pastas arrived first.
      The gnochhi didnt disappoint it was melt in your mouth creamy with the complementing flavours of cheese leaving you ‘mmmmming’ for more.

      Chicken Pesto goat’;s cheese and pine nuts pasta
      My  pasta was a bit short on the asparagus this time :(, but I thoroughly enjoyed the subtle pesto flavours and tangy goats cheese set off  by sun-dried cherry tomatoes and crunchy pine nuts. 
      Pepperoni Pizza

      The Pizza was arrived and we dug before I remebered to photograph it , the crust was airy, light and fresh and toppings were not overwhelmed by cheese or any one flavour which I liked too.

      Carrot juice, kiwi smoothie, Lemon mint

      The drinks were normal nothing to rave about the kiwi smoothie had a banana base  so a bit heavy for my taste.

      I found it very difficult to decide on the ice cream as I stood there trying out the gorgeous flavours.
      In the end I went for a trio sccop in a waffle cup: heavenly salted caramel, nutty pistachio and sweet n sour raspberry fro-yo.

      I would definitely recommend the ice cream there is sure to be a flavour you will like. chocolate and Nutella lovers there’s a hazelnut flavour and many of the chocolate cookie inspired flavours. Again by the time the ice cram arrived I was in a food induced stupor and forgot all about taking pics :-P.  When you truly enjoy a meal that is often the case.

      Next time you are wondering where to dine on the weekend I would whole heartedly recommend Piatto heart-warming food and buzzing atmosphere.

      Piatto is located next to Stars Avenue Mall on Malek Road, Jeddah.

      I will be doing a post on Ihop soon so do check back for that.

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      Blogged: Nisha’s Flagship Store now open In Andalus Mall Jeddah

      NL Nisha’s flagship store in Andalus Mall Jeddah

      Dear Readers,

      I would like to share with a you a quick review of Nisha’s flagship store which has recently opened its doors in Andalus Mall, (first floor next to the pharmacy).
      Nisha also (known as Nishat Linen in some countries) is an international textile manufacturer/retailer with numerous branches in Dubai, Canada, U.K and Qatar.

      The company is targeting expat customers who would like to shop their native Eastern designs in Jeddah, and Saudi customers with its Western inspired outfits.

      Pros:  Bargain price leggings, pallazo pants, animal print trousers,  ethnic style tunics/kaftans,  scarves, and  hair accessories, and rings.
      Interesting printed Indian silk fabric, formal ready-to-wear limited collection.

      I love these cotton/linen scarves great for when you want to travel.

      Cons:– I think there are too many items on display, and some of the items are  over-priced for what it is, but with after deducting their seasonal discount they may end up being reasonable.

      I hope that Nisha brings their signature bed-linen collection which is popular in Dubai to Jeddah in the future.

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      Super Vitamin Drink: Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice Recipe

      Dear  Foodies Readers,

      My juice obsession continues! After all how can you not turn into a bit of a juice addict??

      There are SOOO many benefits(outlined later). Personally, I’m hooked because of the noticeably brighter glowing complexion, more energy for my workouts, and detoxification health benefits!  

      You start craving the refreshed feeling you get after drinking these vitamin and antioxidant rich drinks- its hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it for yourself. What’s more you get quite a few of your 5 a day fruits and veggies in one go. 

      If you are a morning person have this or the green juice for breakfast kickstart your day.  My family refers to this simply as red juice or beet juice due to its bright red colour- you could call it ABC juice if you are in to acronyms. 🙂

      This juice is best made with a juicer.

      For those of you without a juicer I will posting modified blender recipe soon- but it will be for a beet smoothie. 

      So without further ado, here’s the recipe: 

      A glass of Apple carrot beet juice on a tray

      Apple Beetroot Carrot Ginger Juice Recipe

      Serving size:1 small glass


      1 red apple cored and quartered
      1 beetroot peeled and halved
      1 carrot lightly peeled if necessary and halved
      1 inch ginger peeled (optional) I like the kick the ginger adds, if you don’t you can leave it out.


      1.Place ingredients one by one in juicer, and Juice away.
      2.Serve with ice. Drink immediately!

      Easy, healthy and tasty what more can you want?

      Personally, I like the taste of red juice more than the green juice, and as my family and friends have noted I’m partial to red food and red objects..that might have something to do with it and I’m a fan of beets whereas not a great fan of spinach. 

      Beets are the sweetest of all the veggies as in their sugar content is the highest which makes it a rather pleasantly sweet tasting juice. Beets are also are chock full of other goodness see below.

      Benefits of beet juice

      • Helps treat acne and other skin problems caused by inflammation and toxins.
      • Increases stamina if consumed before a workout
      • Beets contain betalain which is a  powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and aid in detoxification
      • Cooked  or fermented beet (like pickled beet), contain a lower amount of healthful nutrients for blood pressure benefits will decrease. By juicing, you are going to get 100% of the phytonutrients (plant chemicals).
      • Lowers blood pressure
      • Good source of nitrates, folate, vitamin A, C,  fiber and manganese
      • Relieves constipation
      • Research that indicates that betalain may help fight cancer.
      • Beets contain oxalic acid which dissolves inorganic(bad) calcium deposits in the body which  cause heart-disease, a narrowing of the arteries and arthritis.

      Warning:If you have never eaten beets before try a small amount to ensure you are not allergic to them.

      For additional information on the benefits of beet juice:

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